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Talented, passionate young artists deserve the opportunity to follow their college and career dreams. Arts inclusion begins with access to affordable, expert training and coaching.


Understanding what colleges are looking for in prospective candidates is critical to making your college musical theatre dreams come true. Andrew Abrams is a university insider who can guide students successfully through auditions. As the head of the BFA Musical Theatre Program at Southern Illinois University, he auditioned hundreds of students and knows what programs are looking for when selecting the incoming class.  Andrew has served on the faculty of NYU, New York Film Academy, Hofstra University, and the Montview Academy for the Performing Arts (London).  He provides both master instruction on technique and an up-to-date perspective on every aspect of the college audition process including Common Pre-Screen requirements as defined by Paper Mill Playhouse. 


With over 25 years’ experience in the professional musical theatre world as a musical director, director, voice teacher, vocal coach, composer, and equity actor, Andrew is able train student at any level from high school to working professionals.  As a professional singer, he is very conscious of the health of the voice and utilizes proper “safe” technique in lessons and also puts forward best practices for home care.  But I am a Cheerleader, the Musical, a show for which Andrew wrote the music, premiered at the Turbine Theatre in London February 2022 and he is currently the Artistic Director of Capital City Theatre, a regional professional, equity LORT D musical theatre company in Madison, WI.  He is connected to contemporary works and maintains a robust industry network in New York City and abroad, making him well versed in all aspects of a career in the performing arts.



Get fully-customized, personal attention that is AFFORDABLE!


  • Full one-time assessment: Really get to know the student, see where they currently are with past training, identify strengths, places for improvement, possible school choice options, materials needed, etc.

  • Voice Lessons: Train vocal technique on songs stressing support, resonance, placement, mixing, healthy belting, freedom from tension and more.

  • Vocal Coaching: Interpreting the musical “language” of the song (including dynamics, marking your music, phrasing, etc)

  • Acting The Song: Learn to act the song from an authentic and active perspective defining objectives, subtext, and intentions.

  • Repertoire Coaching: Work specifics and details with the student to choose their unique and customized audition pieces, make the necessary cuts, mark their music, and make vocal/accompaniment tracks..

  • Monologue Coaching: I partner with New York monologue coach, Julian Decker, who will help you choose and coach appropriate audition monologues.

Julian Decker: has appeared in Broadway shows such as Les Miserables, And Sunset Boulevard. He was seen as the Phantom cover throughout the US in Love Never Dies (the sequel to Phantom of The Opera). He was the Quasimodo Standby for the US premier of Hunchback of Norte Dame as well as playing the title role in 2018 with Capital City Theatre in Madison, WI. Along with numerous regional credits Julian has also cultivated a vast work of Educational and Producing credits. He is the Co-Founder of Broadway Method Academy, and is the CEO of DeckerStudiosInc. Education has been a part of his life from a very young age. Having taught numerous masterclasses all of the country, he has found that education is the portal to the next generation of artists. He is a proud graduate of CCM. @jujdecker

Voice lessons, Rep and Acting the Song coaching and monologue coaching

  • $75/30 min 

  • $100/45 min 

  • $125/hour 


Accompaniment/Voice Part Recordings

  • $20 for each or $50 for 3


Consult with Andy - assessment 

  • $125

Package Options:


  • 10 lessons (60 min)  for $1050

  • 10 lessons (45 min)- for $850

  • 10 lessons (30 min) – for $600


Questions? Don't hesitate to reach out on the Contact page!


Sheet Music for Piano
Acting Audition
For even more information about what I offer in voice lessons and vocal coachings, click here
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